Music And Fun Did-You-Knows

Hey! These posts have started to become hard to make.

But I won't give up!

These last few weeks I've been focused on making the last tracks for Toumayhem. Most of them will be heard mostly in chapter 3, the one where people die. So it's the fun tracks.

Did you like the music from the demo? I hope you did. I'll do my best to polish the masters for the final game, too. But let's get down to business!

What's this about Fun Did-You-Knows?

I love music. I love making music more than I love making games. That's why, once upon a time, I made an entire album for the Toumayhem soundtrack... before finalizing the script. And I planned a whole other album, too! I'm an idiot.

Turns out you should probably make a game before its soundtrack, so this time I'm doing it the right way. Sort of. Some tracks were reborn anew! All the character themes are rearrangements of their originals, while most of the other characters' themes were either ditched or some motifs borrowed into other tracks.

I'd like to talk about that more in other posts.

So, this was ONE fun "did-you-know". Another thing I like is hiding little secrets in every track. Did you know there's a track in the demo which spoils endgame content? I told a friend who read the ending about it. Here's her reaction:

"How the fuck are you supposed to know?!"

You're not. It's just fun to think about.

I always like to tell how the twins' themes used to have the same drums track, but now that they don't have a single theme anymore that trivia is lost. But! I can tell most of the scary tracks have a bpm divisible by 4. Because 4 sounds like "death" in Japanese! That's why I've hidden lots of 4s in the game. It's very fun.

I also put lots of care in track names! Most are puns in Japanese, some in English, others in both languages. I'm putting so much care, I plan on rambling about every track and their name in the Music Room screen in the game. I wish every game had one...

As long as twitter stands, I'll be posting some previews in my music account! But I'll slowly move elsewhere, too. You can also find them on mastodon, if it's more of your liking.

Let's catch up next week!

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