Demo v1.2 Update

Hi all,

This will be the last update to the demo; everything else will be fixed in the final game. This time, the changelog is a bit more exciting!


  • Some usual typo fixing
  • Changed the choose button style to be more compliant to the textbox. It should be clearer now which choice is being selected
  • The calendar has also been redone, highlighting the Glossary and Characters menu icons more
  • Turning off glitches now also considerably slows down the noise effect, and also turns the light flicker into a dissolve
  • Added some missing vocal assistant cues to images
  • Shows quick menus during choices too
  • Fixed a small background mix-up
  • Better highlighted the "Advanced Options" button in the menu

The graphical changes are definitely something worth to see! Check out the new screenshots.

Keep spreading the word, and thank you for following Toumayhem 👻

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Jul 15, 2021 78 MB
Jul 15, 2021

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