Rebranding (formerly Emperor's Lesbian New Groove)

As you can see, we rebranded.

What's with the new title?
We came up with "Emperor's Lesbian New Groove" on a whim, and we were short on time for the Yuri Game Jam 2016. Years later, we thought we could find a... slightly more conventional name.
(We still call it ELNG between us. It's hard to switch.)

How different will the final game be from the demo?
Visually: A LOT! We've remade everything from scratch, and we're ready to let you peek at some art. The audio is going to be redone, too.
Script-wise: Aside from some editing, everything you played in the demo is still there!

When will the game come out?
Our plan is to be done before the end of 2020. So much has happened from 2016, but we're still so passionate about this project... we can't wait to share it with you all.

Feel free to follow us on Twitter at @ImperatriceVN!

Get Scappa via con me, Imperatrice! [Run Away With Me, Empress!]


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So is the download above the full game without the extra art and audio? I'm really looking forward to the game.

Nope, sorry! That's still the 2016 demo. Thank you for being patient!


I'll wait until Empress is ready.