Status of Things

We're not dead... yet.

2020 is the year of the lesbians.

Years have passed, but this project always had a place in our hearts. Now is the time to actually work on it.

Thanks to everyone who waited for it. Hello to everyone who might be interested just now! The current state of the script is:

  • Nero's Route: 90%
  • Augustus's Route: 15%
  • Caesar's Route: 5%

We're also planning on making new assets for both sprites and backgrounds. Of course, new music will follow.

Let's do our best!

Get Scappa via con me, Imperatrice! [Run Away With Me, Empress!]


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Hate to be a pain but. Any news on the current status of things?

Augustus and Caesar's routes are about a third through! We're actually reworking the visual style so we can do some rebranding and post some nice artwork next to actual news :) But since that's out of my hands (programmer/writer/musician here) I'm focusing on the script myself

Thank for the reply. I'm really looking forward to Caesar's route.

You'll be happy to know we've just hit the 50% mark!

Can't wait for Caesar's route :3

Looking forward to it.