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Ofelia left her hometown years ago, estranged from her mother and most of the family; her grandmother her only link to the past she cut ties with.

But as she receives the news her grandmother has passed away, Ofelia has to return to Tor Marina once more...

Built with GBStudio for the I Can't Draw But Want To Make A Game (Again) Game Jam; winner in best story/setting.

Spanish/Basque Translation: Gabriel Fiallegas Medina (Basajaun Games)


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crescendo when i press on English language on your game it still in french please fix that problem thx

Hi, you're probably pressing B instead of A (on keyboard: X instead of Z)


piango :,)

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loved it, made me cry. it's a really good game <3


thanks a lot!! ❤


This was really nice, sweet little story about going back to a place with a lot of painful memories and remembering the parts of it that weren't so painful.

Questo gioco è davvero commovente ;\\\;
Best story\setting davvero meritato, credo che tutti noi giocatori ci siamo affezionati alla nonnina di Ofelia. O abbiamo pensato alla nostra nonna... 

grazie mille!! Spero che ogni ricordo rievocato fosse felice!


Pazzesco cosa un paio di sprite monocromatici che si muovono e un paio di dialoghi riescano a fare ai sentimenti di un mf

Grazie Sbobon spero che tu stia bene


We just discussed your game on our podcast! Come check us out!

Episode 18: GB Studio Games


It took me a while to listen, but thank you so much for your kind words! On the topic of the art, I did it all myself (title screen included). I consider myself "ok at drawing for being someone who doesn't draw a lot" but certainly not good, and I used this jam to not stress too much about my skills. It felt good. Would recommend.

If you're looking for a topic for another episode, by the way, there will be a "I Can't Write" jam soon! That might give you some nice games to play :)

P.S. I wanted to comment on libsyn but I don't have a FB account...


Congrats on the best story telling game in the jam!

Thank you!!


Even if the jam was about people who cannot draw, the scenery was quite functional at being lovely (even if the city was full of backwater pricks), so you could understand why grandma loved that.

Thanks for making the game, even if it was short.

P.S. there is a bug when you answer wrongly at the quiz: the dialogues changes from italian to english until the quiz is done. A fix wouldn’t be awful.

Thank you for playing and also for the bug report! Will fix it ASAP :)


So sad, so lovely.. Thank you for making it

Thank YOU for playing it :]

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This is such a beautiful story. Thank you so much for that experience! A trip down memory lane with the gameboy game but at the same time a story that hits close to home about losing a nana.Love this, thank you so much for making it. Super bonus points for the .gb file!!

Thank you! You're so kind!


Aw man, this is a really touching game! I liked the protagonist's sorta love/hate relationship to her hometown.

Thank you! I'm glad you found it touching :3


This game is awesome dude i like the simple colors, and music fits the game. Keep it up AMICO

thanks FRIEND


A sweet, tender game about nostalgia and dealing with loss. I loved the aesthetic and I really felt like it added something to the story; being a 90's kid I relate times spent with my Nonna to times spent playing on my Game Boy, so it kind of thematically makes sense! I loved it! I wanna find more games like this.

Thank you man! ♥


This game is really well made. Despite it's length, lack of sound and colour it makes up for it in narrative. Some words seems kind of oddly placed not sure if those were lost in translation or intentional. Good job! I hope sooner or later I make a point and click game as awe-inspiring as yours.

Thank you! Oddly placed words might be either because I'm not native or because I had to cut lines to a minimum; I wanted each textbox to work standalone and two lines are shorter than I expected, haha.


I loved this game so much! Do you have any other games? I would like to see them.

And also are you Italian or do you like the culture? I ask because I see a lot of references (maybe it's just me...).

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I'm Italian! I've made a few other games (most with artists more competent than me), you can find them all on my profile!