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Damn, Margherita is so precious, I love useless-lesbian protagonists so much! Thank you a lot for this wonderful game you made, I just finished it and can say it's one of my favourite visual novels! Like we say in France: "bravo les lesbiennes!"

I'm a bit curious about the setting, it's obviously Italy under fascism, but I'm wondering if it's an alternate timeline? Have you a year or decade in mind for the events of the game?


So glad you liked it! Especially Margherita, we love her as if she was our daughter. And yup, alternate timeline in which fascism in Italy didn't fall (yet). We had discussed it some time ago, but iirc it should be set around '50-'60s


Caesar I'm on my way back to you!




Hello my dudes, PVC here just to say also in the comments that


go read the dev log if you want more infos but we did it, thank you all for your patience dears. It means everything to me.

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Congrats! By the way will you put a walkthrough etc if people don't have a lot of time to play these games?

Of course! I will be working on it tomorrow but don't worry, the game itself is not that long and should not take more than a night to finish!

Thank you! Yeah I don't have a lot of time to sit there and enjoy things #adulting #firstworldproblems etc. You know how it is.

Really, no worries, I completely get it! (unfortunately!) (that is also why the game took 6 years to complete sobs) Still, the walkthrough is out, it's the last of the three files to download! It should be pretty straightforward, let us know what you think if you do end up playing and stay strong!!

I love you so much. Yes, I know it sucks but if you have a ko-fi I'll at least throw you a few cups of coffee?

Haven't heard any news for a year. Just curious as to how it's going?

hey! Kind of stuck, actually. The script is complete, the portraits are too and so is the GUI, we're missing all cgs and backgrounds, the music needs revamping (and completing) and some basic programming to put it all together. Most of the game is ready but we've had lots on our plates lately and it's just been hard :< sorry for being unable to give an ETA, we would still love to release this (for free, as we always intended)

I'm really happy to have seen this comment because I'd so love to see a completed version of this game, wishing you the best!

Hopefully we'll have some news by the end of the year! It's been rough, but we're still set on release!


Don't worry about it, I played the demo like 2 years ago and to this day I still have the tab of this game bookmarked for the day it's released. A lot of games go through pitfalls and rough patches, that's just how it is, I'm sure you'll do a great job. Just saying you released the game is enough of an achievement on its own!


you're an angel and! the game is out!!! thank you, we did this all for you it was a learning process and I hope you'll like it.


Yesssss, Caesar's route is being worked on! I can't wait to see and play the fullgame when you guys finish it :) Its been nearly 3 yrs since she stole my heart, so I'm really looking forward to her backstory. Also both of you take care and pace yourselves if life becomes too overwhelming! Don't burn yourselves out and force yourselves to work on this. Rest is important.


That was such a nice demo! I can't wait for the full version.


Thank you! We've been working on some major redesigns and we're almost done with the writing; hopefully it will be out before the end of the year :)

does anybody know why these don't work on my pc? I have a windows10 desktop computer and whenever I download games - like this one - it won't let me open it:c

i'm such a noob but i need help! please!


no worries! Could you share your steps and/or the error message you get, if you get one?

I don't mean to be a bother. However is it possible to get a possible update date? Or even directions to a sight that'll show your progress? I'm really enjoying the visual novel and I'm left on a cliff hanger.

Hi, same situation as here; thank you for enjoying the demo! Since a third of the game is already done and finished script-wise I'd really like to at least finalize that by the end of the year. Unfortunately, there have been some issues IRL for both of us and working on the game has been hard. I hope you'll be able to enjoy the full version once it comes out

That's ok take your time.

It's been over two years since this has been published and I was really hoping to play this.... any information on the development or about what had been going on woul said be greatly appreciated.


sorry for the INCREDIBLY late reply; we've been busy with a variety of things and haven't worked on the game much after finishing Nero's route. The project is far from being dropped and I'd love to release the game before the end of the year (or at least finish the script!), but we can't give much info about it yet, sorry. Thank you for you support, we both really appreciate it! I hope we'll be able to bring you some good news soon.


Not sure if Nero or Caesar... but anyway, please complete this VN, so you can go ahead and take my money!!

Seconded! Take my money!!!


its been 1 year since the last update...  wish i could play it tho 


Just a heads up guys

we have been in a long ass slump mostly because I have been dang busy with university work (and thanks crescendo for supporting me through these hard times)

but if everything goes smoothly and I finish my exams decently, we should be back to tracking our updates (+more wips and dumb sketches from me) on here

I really wanna bring you more content art-wise since there is going to be a bit of a change in style (nothing major, I wanna keep the assets similar but more polished) and could definitely do with everyone's opinions!!

Will the full game be available for windows?

yes absolutely!

where i get the ful game

unfortunately it is not out yet but it is being worked on!! we do not have a release date planned out yet!

Wow. This demo is realy nice.

Girls are cute and adorable. Each of them is totally different. 

I'm waiting for full game. And to meet them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thank you so much!! we love our kids so hearing that they are good characters for you makes me so happy!!!

and of course you will meet them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Oh please, I want Caesar NOW! I can't take it.... I gave it a year break, and honestly I forgot about this game, but I am so glad I found it again when you're starting to update it! It is absolutely fantastic <3 and I cannot wait for Caesar; I'm sure the wait will be worth it. 

We have now been in a bit of a slump but HEY nero is done and we are starting aug soon!! unfortunately we had quite a bit personal issues coming up these past few months but we really cannot wait to get this out!

thank you so so so much for all your support!!


At least you didn’t completely forget it! Again, even if it takes another year, it will be worth waiting for. Just don’t rush it as I’ve seen too many creators do, and it’ll be fantastic!

Really cute game! I love the art and the characters.  Keep up the good work <3

thank you so so  much!!!

nooooooooooooooooooooooooo why is it just a demo? I need the full game for the sake of my gayness!

Work is going steadily! Your gayness is in good hands.


When is the full game ready 


What the heck did Caesar mean? Gossip? Is she a known (or rumored) lesbian? HAVE WE MET A KINDRED SPIRIT????

Don't worry, there's more than a kindred spirit to get closer to ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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yeah, I'm happy, I didn't though you would do one route at a time (not that Nero's will be the first) so i'm gladly surprise to see her route almost done ; I'll go play it when it's finish and will have a good time.
Still wish you good luck and good time with all this !

Thanks a lot! Hope the final version will keep you as happy (even more?) than the demo did!



omg thank you so much!!! luckily, even if we forgot to update it here, we are actually nearly done with Nero's route!! Hopefully we will finish her in the next two-three weeks, it depends on how much we have to work on non-related things!! We met up this month and brainstormed quite a bit! thank you again so much for your support!!


No worries this is the best game ever and i cant wait for it to be finished

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OMG I LOOOOOOVE THIS!!!! I love EVERYTHING about this!! 

(Fav: Nero)



Thank you so so so so much!! you are super kind!!

Actually Nero's route is almost done!! hehe, the rest will follow soon, we have been on holiday the past couple of weeks but are currently getting back on track!!

thank you again!!


JUST A HEADS UP hi I'm chiu, we just made a twitter account for the game where we can post more stuff in real time, also tiny tidbits of information that probably won't make it into the game!

If you want to follow us:

thank you so much for your support <3

Really enjoyed this! The art and music are both great.

Can't wait for the full version!


Thank you so much about your comment! we are both so so flattered!! We are currently still working on it so hopefully we will bring more updates soon! (and we also made a twitter account hehe)


i cant wait to play neros route!

And we can't wait to finish writing her!! we are currently halfway through her route, we will hopefully be done with her as soon as possible!! still glad to hear you like the Mighty Nero <3


Can't wait to see what's to come! Caesar is def best girl so far ;p

(I agree with your best-girl choice but shh dont tell anybody <3) thank you so much!!


This is so awesome, can't wait for the finished project! My lesbian heart supports this all the way, bless this!!


so sorry we are late as heck, but THANK YOU SO MUCH!! we are so glad to have your support so thank you again, we can't wait to bring you the finished product!

hey man loved your game and made a small 3 ep mini series of it.

can´t wait for the full version.

super late as usual but thank you so much for this!! we have so much fun watching LPs and are always so flattered! thank you again, we are currently working on the full version so stay tuned !!


I absolutely loved this demo! I hope you don't mind, I did a little playthrough of it for my channel. I loved all of the girls, but especially Caesar. The art for this VN is absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to see where this story goes. As I point out in my video, I noticed the last conversation happening on this page, and I'm assuming it still stands true - that you guys are definitely gonna finish this game. I honestly cannot wait to play through it!


We both had so much fun listening to your playthrough! Thank you so much, I really think you understood what we were going for and I (but I speak for both of us) am so glad for that, it made me so happy! (mostly I am glad it shows through MC's narration, since it is. very gay and mostly focused on her pining over anything with breasts HAHA)

But really, thank you a lot for taking the time to go through our work! I am so glad you enjoyed it!

About the last conversation yes, it definitely still does stand true! We do not have a set date yet but it should be done by late 2017, we really care about this and want to make this look as polished as we can, so we are taking our time! I really hope you will enjoy the finished product as well when it eventually comes out!

Again, thank you so much for playing this and enjoying this, your playthrough was great <3

(ps. I am so glad you liked Cae hehe)


please finish this game

Caesar is the love of my life because I've actually been in a situation like that with a girl at my college and the last thing she said to my character lol, been there, done that.


We will definitely finish this game! it might take a while but we are both very keen on getting this done as well as we can!

Also, I am so glad you liked Caesar! We still have seen just a glimpse of who she actually is, though, but she will definitely have her own happy ending! I hope you can wait till then! Thank you again for playing and enjoying this!!

for some reason it won't let me play it on my windows, like most games here, any tips?

weird! Any error message in particular?




(i cannot wait for the full version omg aaahhhhhh and the art style??? was so pretty???? and the music was so soothing???? and the characters were so cute and gay i approve 10/10 good shIT)


Thank you so much ahh! We will hopefully release the full version in 2017 so stay tuned!! thank you again for all the compliments!


thank u for responding!!!!! looking forward to it :)))))))))))


We only have the begining of the relationship, and i already love Nero so much !
Please make sure it's almost perfect and interesting to go in his way ! (i said almost, not because the perfection doesn't exist but because this must be an imperfection to make it perfect ! [for exemple, difficulty for not be too easy ] )
but i think you will do your must for every characters, right ?

so, good luck for create the complete game, create this game must please you or this will not be perfect, so be happy while you use your time for it, alright ?

[ just for say it : i'm french, and i hope than my english aren't too bad ]


We both have to thank you so so much for this comment! It really cheered us both up and gave us a lot of strength to continue this project and to make it as close to what we have in mind as possible!

Thank you a lot we are so glad you enjoyed the game! :D

When will the full version be out?


Next year, hopefully! We're taking it easy.


I loved it !! It's really an impressive writing, it keeped me waiting for more. Very enjoyable. The music and the design are so good. Thank you and great work.


Thank you so much for the compliments on the writing, we are both so so flattered! We are so glad you enjoyed it, thank you again!


This is so great, I can't wait for more.


We are so glad you liked it! Thank you so so much!


I loved this game and I'm eager to continue it. I particularly liked the introduction, so strong and well written. Good luck to finish it!


Thank you a lot! We really appreciated, and thanks for the compliments on the introduction!


This looks so cute, I can't wait for the rest


Thank you so so much!